The following questions will help identify how finding and
buying a home can be an enjoyable experience for you.
1.  How far along are you in the homefinding process  
     (just thinking about the possibility of buying a  
     home, or definitely committed to making a move)?  
     How long have you been looking for a home?  
2.  Why are you contemplating the purchase of a  
     home at this time?  
3.  What is your time frame? Is there a definite time  
     by which you must be settled in your new home?  
4.  Who will be included in the homefinding and  
     buying decision?  
5.  Have you ever purchased a home before?  
     If so, how many, and how recently?  
6.  Thinking of previous homefinding experiences,   
     what were the most posative features of those  
     experiences? If you have never bought a home  
     before, what are you looking forward to most in  
     the experience?  
7.  Were there any unpleasant features of your  
     previous homefinding experience that you  
     hope to avoid this time? If you are buying  
     your first home, are there any problems or  
     concerns you are worried about?  
8.  How do you plan to handle the financing of  
     your new home? Are you aware of your  
     financing options?  
9.  What are your expectations of me as your real  
     estate professional? What specific services  
     and support do you expect?